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An aural anomaly of amalgamated sounds: piano-based jazz/latin music,into a genre called Blog Rock. All of these somehow coal polyrhythmic beats, moldy analog synths, obtuse instrumentation, and a vocal and lyrical style that might best fit esce into a singular auditory experience unlike any other. Your cochlea will thank you.

(All writers are propagandists, manipulators of abstracts without so much as the tangibility of sound to back them up.)

Spawning in that great land of no-culture commonly called the American Midwest, C:/Lee found himself writing music to give acutely obtuse color to his grey grid surroundings. He kept these compositions in a small book in the back of his left neocortex. As he joined other bored Ohioans in the pursuits of musical liberation, he found himself performing just about every genre that Western music has given a name to, from punk and jazz to bluegrass and dance rock, but still he had no outlet for those old songs. When he reunited with long lost comrade David Frush, then a recording engineer at Ohio University, a synthesis of ambitions made the album "Cordyceps" a reality.

Named after a group of parasitic fungi that infests insects and causes them to behave erratically before sprouting forth from their heads and killing them, "Cordyceps" is not a concept album. But the concept is similar to the fungus itself, growing and mutating within its host until it overtakes the brain to spread its spores. There may be songs that could be singles, but it is best recommended that the album be listened to in one sitting. This allows for best appreciation of its seamless nature and varied emotional topography.

Because Alchemeleon cannot say they have payed for every piece of music they've loved, and because you've read all the way down to here, they offer their album in both low- and hi-fidelity download at their website, . Enjoy.


released May 1, 2010

C:/Lee - Drums, Piano, Vocals, Kalimba
David Frush - Producer, Engineer, Guitar on Track 4
Caleb Powers - Guitar on Track 2 & 5, Acoustic and Electric Bass, Mandolin, Violin, Banjolin
Alex Burgoyne - Saxophone
Kenny Lutze - Guitar on Track 8
Mike Novak - Guitar on Track 10
Stephen Moller - Dobro
Jonathan Leichman - Vibraphone, Marimba, Glockenspiel

All songs written and copyright 2010 Chris Lee




Alchemeleon Chicago, Illinois

Alchemy: a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold
Chameleon: any of a family of lizards with prehensile tail, independently movable eyeballs, and unusual ability to change the color of the skin
Alchemeleon: Chris Lee, a multi-instrumentalist with a love for recording and producing music of almost every kind.
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Track Name: Kenoma
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Track Name: Flection
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Track Name: Only Revolutions
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Track Name: Contrafactus
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Track Name: The College Student Blues
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Track Name: Seek And Ye Sha'n't Find
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Track Name: Through the Screen
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Track Name: New Afternoon
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Track Name: Egone
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