Shake 1

by Alchemeleon

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A collection of tracks that I (Chris Lee) was involved with that, for one reason or another, never got released anywhere else. The tracks on this album span from September of 2013 to March of 2013.
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released October 21, 2013

Artwork by Jacob Koestler
Thanks to everyone who has helped me create these recordings through the years.




Alchemeleon Chicago, Illinois

Alchemy: a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold
Chameleon: any of a family of lizards with prehensile tail, independently movable eyeballs, and unusual ability to change the color of the skin
Alchemeleon: Chris Lee, a multi-instrumentalist with a love for recording and producing music of almost every kind.
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Track Name: Alchemeleon & BLØØDH¥PE - So Long For Now
It almost felt like home
The closest I've ever known
I always was alone
In the city

But no one ever tried
They might as well have died
They kept it all inside
It was a pity

I had to get out
I had to see a new town
The few who heard me shout
I knew they would follow

I heard the call on the wind
A new life to begin
The one I had grew thin
And so hollow

I wish I
Could tell you why
But you want my stupid lies
But this time
I will try
You won't like it but it's alright

Of course I'll miss them all
All the nights so long
We'd stay up and talk
About anything

I felt it growing
I saw it glowing
But now knowing
About anything


Cuz life is just too short
To wait it out anymore
Fuck moving to the shore
And dying of cancer

You ask me why I go
I ask why you say no
Neither one of us know
And that's the answer

My friends remain awake
My friends stay in place
My friends complain of fakes
My friends make escapes
My friends gain weight
My friends get in shape
My friends exchange rates
And entertain fate
My friends disdain hate
My friends play games
My friends gain patience
Engaged participants in the great game of waiting
To make great parents
I'm sure they'll make great parents
They'll make great parents someday

But I don't understand how they're sleeping so soundly
My mind is bombarded by thoughts all around me
I'm hot and I'm cold and my heart keeps on pounding
A flurry of worries have finally found me

But no manic panic can trample my hopes
I know where I am and I know where to go
I've been through much worse and worse yet awaits
But finally now I can laugh at my fate

The bus is nearly empty
And the lights are all off
The road rumbles deep
And the road rumbles soft
I have friends to meet
Amphetamine dreams are all but long gone
I have friends I can't wait to see
I think I'll write them a song
Track Name: Elton Johnny - I Won't Be Alone
I won't be alone,
My body has gone high
Sometimes I just lie